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Who should I call if I have questions about problems navigating the online course?

The technical contact person:

Rose Mary Shira




I have completed the course and I need to print out my certificate, where do I go to print it out?

Go to My Account tab, select Certificates. Click on the View Certificate button to open certificate and print.


When I click on Watch Video button, it will not open.

You may have an internet security setting on your computer that blocks. Follow these instructions to correct this issue.
1. Click “Tools” on the menu bar > Click “Internet Options”(If you do not see the menu bar, click the “Alt” key.)
2. Click the “Security” Tab.
3. Click the “Internet” Zone.
4. Select the security level to “Medium”
5. Click the “OK” button.
6. Close ALL internet windows and try again.

How long is the course available for me to complete?

For this one time registration fee, you will have access to this course and these recordings for up to six months.


What percentage of questions do I need to get correct to pass?


I did not pass the exam, can I take it again?

Yes, you can take it again for up to six months.


What type of certificate will I receive after passing the exam?

After completing the course and passing the exam, a Certificate of Completion will be generated for you to turn in to your governing body for CEU credit, if appropriate.

What do I need to send into my governing body for CEU credit along with my certificate of completion?

Go to the training, on the upper right hand side under Jump to Module there is a Print Course link. Click on that link to download the course description and objectives for the course you completed and send in with your certificate.


I cannot hear the training on my computer?

Make sure your speakers are turned on and volume turned up. Also, if needed you can plug in a headset on your computer for improved sound quality.

Where do I print out an invoice for the course?

Go to My Account tab, select Invoices. Click on the Invoice for the course you want to print.


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